Woman 'extremely upset' after boyfriend proposes in Asda – but some don't see an issue

A woman has asked for other people’s perspectives after getting upset that her partner decided to pop the question while they were shopping in an Asda supermarket

A couple in a supermarket
A couple in a supermarket (stock photo)

When it comes to proposals, people have all sorts of ideas of grandeur – from candles and flowers to skywriting and surprise trips.

But other people would be happy with just the question – no matter how it was asked or whether or not there was a ring.

One woman recently claims to have gotten engaged in an Asda supermarket and it’s fair to say she’s not too pleased about it.

In an anonymous post on the parenting forum Netmums, the woman said she was “extremely upset” that her partner hadn’t made more of an effort when popping the big question.

She’s confused about his choice of location (stock photo)


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Her post read: “My boyfriend recently proposed to me in Asda??

“I’m sorry but what the hell. Out of everywhere, why there?

“Am I over-reacting? I love him but I’m extremely upset that he didn’t even make slight effort to make this special for me.”

Dozens of people have since responded to the woman’s post, with many divided over what to think – some agreed she had a right to be upset, while others thought she should just be grateful that he proposed.

One person replied: “At least yours didn’t trip and fall into a water fountain then came out drenched and lost the ring so had to rummage for it in the water splashing everywhere whilst everyone was watching. I wasn’t crying out of happiness I was crying out of embarrassment but I didn’t tell him that.”

Another said: ” I cannot imagine what it was about ASDA that inspired him to take that step, and yes a bit of thought and planning would not have hurt… I think the question is, how do you feel about marrying him?”

While a third wrote: “At least he loved you enough to propose in first place shouldn’t matter where it was.”

Someone else added: “First of all, congratulations!! From experience, is not the place but the person, and it’s not about how big and shiny the ring is, is about how true the love is! Memories you build together, moments like this don’t need too much preparation, he took the chance then and there! Don’t miss the moment because of the place.”

Do you think it matters where someone proposes? Let us know in the comments below.

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