Woman desperate to become mum devastated by cruel comments about her IVF journey

Following the outbreak of coronavirus, some medical procedures were deemed “unnecessary” and were put on hold until a safer time, so as not to overwhelm GP practices and hospitals.

In Australia the pause in procedures, included IVF which devastated many women who were desperate to grow their families and become mothers.

Couples found themselves unsure when they would be able to move ahead with their fertility treatments.

Melbourne couple Jessie Aganetti and her partner Nathan Bingham managed to fit in an embryo transfer in mid-March, just before the clinic went into lockdown – but unfortunately for the pair, it was unsuccessful.

This has been incredibly stressful for Jessie especially, as the 28-year-old has been diagnosed with low ovarian reserve, which means her chances of producing a viable egg decrease each month.

She really wants to become a mum (stock photo)

Speaking to, she said: “With us, it’s not a case of, oh we can just wait til next month or next year.

“In my case it’s now or never. I am going infertile and I cannot wait.”

She continued to say that she has been finding it difficult not knowing when she would be able to try for a baby again.

Thankfully some clinics in her area are starting to reopen for treatment – and she is in the urgent category.

She’s seen lots of mean comments online (stock photo)

However what she’s found even more disheartening than the wait during this difficult time were the comments she received online.

Jessie claims to have seen many cruel messages about IVF, with people suggesting that it wasn’t an important thing to be worrying about during the pandemic.

“They were horrific,” she said. “‘Why can’t you wait til next year?’ ‘You’re so selfish!’ I wrote back a hundred times, ‘Not all of us can wait.’”

She added: “They have obviously never known anyone who has had to go through this and they don’t understand.”

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Coronavirus outbreak

Jessie is now about to start her fourth cycle of IVF and is hopeful that she will become pregnant.

She says she’s feeling “very lucky” that she’s able to try again.

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