Woman completely transforms grubby patio without a jet washer using £2 spray

The patio before its makeover (Picture: @katrinathorpe4/TikTok)

Spring cleaning the house is easy enough, and most of the items can be bought during your weekly essentials shop.

When it comes to sorting out the outside areas of your home, though, you probably think you need lots of specialist kit.

One woman’s patio has changed that, though, as she showed us that you don’t need a jet washer to get stone clean – and in fact you can use cost-effective cleaners you already have.

On her TikTok channel, mum Katrina Thorpe showed her patio, saying in the caption that she hadn’t given it a scrub in the six years she’d lived in her house (can relate).

Although she actually has a jet washer on hand, it wouldn’t reach round the front, so she used a variety of cleanfluencers’ favourite items to spruce it up to perfection.

Filling up a mop bucket with water from the kettle, Katrina then drizzed Astonish Grime Blast UPVC cleaner on the patio. This can be bought in stores and online, but we’re wagering any cream cleaner such as CIF would work much the same.

From there, she used Kilrock Mould and Mildew spray and spritzed it all over the top.

Give it a good glug of cream cleaner (Picture: @katrinathorpe4/TikTok)

Using The Pink Stuff cream cleaner (a favourite of Mrs Hinch) she got between the tiles to remove the build up that had accumulated over the years.

Then, wetting a standard sweeping brush she then gave the whole thing a good scrub, watching the mixture foam up and do its business.

And the incredible aftermath (Picture: @katrinathorpe4/TikTok)

After that, all it took was a rinse with more water from the kettle.

The difference is amazing, and genuinely rivals the professional cleans you’d see that’ve been done with gadgets worth hundreds of pounds.

Basically, you can get that fresh clean satisfaction for a fraction of the price after a wee visit to B&M or Home Bargains – of course if you were already going there anyway.

If we have to lock down, why not make our outdoor areas that little more appealing?

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