Woman comforts struggling mum at school after overhearing parent's vile comment

A TV presenter rushed to another mum’s rescue after they overheard a “disgusting” discussion in the school playground.

Michelle Park, a TV host in New York, couldn’t stop herself from taking action after noticing the distress on the mum’s face.

Mum-of-two Michelle was waiting to pick her children up when she noticed two parents discussing the type of food they serve their kids.

And she decided to step in in a bid to stop another mum standing nearby feeling “like garbage” over the judgemental comments.

Michelle told her 329,000 TikTok followers: “[This is] why I think it’s important not to shame moms for what they feed their kids.”

Michelle shared what she had overheard while preparing her children's lunch
Michelle shared what she had overheard on the playground

In the video, award-winning TV host Michelle, who has appeared on Good Morning America and The Drew Barrymore Show, prepared her children’s food while explaining what happened in text captions.

She wrote: “Last year, I was at school pickup and I heard one mom say to another “I would never feed my kids that kind of processed food.

“I saw another mom standing nearby, she looked at them and then looked away.

“I went to talk to her and she told me had goldfish (crackers) for her kid ready but this school and these moms made her feel so ashamed.

“She said she didn’t have the time or frankly the money to buy the fancy organic snacks made at the local fancy store.

The mum-of-two has gone viral after sharing the "disgusting" conversation
The mum-of-two has gone viral after sharing the “disgusting” conversation

“She was doing the best she could and felt somehow less than.”

The video resonated with lots of people, as it racked up nearly half a million views in two days.

Lots of the commenters thanked Michelle for sharing the reminder to stop judging parents for serving their children processed food.

In the comments, Michelle added: “Anyway saying things like “I would never give them McDonald’s” or “I always buy organic for my kids is indirect classism.”

One fellow mum commented: “You’d think as mothers and role models there would be less judging of each other.

“Ugh I wish I could hug that mama. We’re all just trying our best.”

Another viewer said: “My mum was a single mum, she did the best she could for us.

“I was always full, happy and taken care of – even if I ate some “processed foods.”

A third replied: “How disgusting to make another mum feel that way. We’re all human and trying our best.”

Another added: “I’ve been that mom. I felt like garbage for the rest of the week. It still hurts. Thank you for saying something.”


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