Woman can’t figure out what fridge tray is for – do you have one and know what it’s for?

Do you know what this is for? (Picture: Home Decorating Mums/Facebook)

An Australian woman started a discussion about what a tray in her fridge is for after not being able to figure it out for some time.

The woman sparked a debate asking folks on the internet what the unusually-shaped tray could be for.

She said the tray found in her Samsung fridge was too small for drink cans but was a weird shape to be able to fit eggs.

The woman wrote on a Facebook page: ‘Can someone please tell me what on earth this is for? Bought a new Samsung fridge, not in the manual or website. We’ve been trying to figure it out for weeks.

‘It doesn’t fit eggs or cans properly.’

The post received nearly 700 guesses on what the tray could be for.

So, do you have one of these in your fridge, and do you know what the purpose of it is?

Too small for drink cans (Picture: Home Decorating Mums/Facebook)

Some Facebook users who had the same fridge or a similar one explained what they use their trays for.

One person commented: ‘I saw someone use it to put carrots etc in so that any condensation drips off and they last longer but I have no idea if that actually works or what it’s actually for’.

Another joked: ‘It’s a mum’s tray… for anything. Cheese, chocolate, wine… just put a padlock on it first.’

Others also didn’t know, saying: ‘I have no idea what it’s for so I just took it out and put it in a storage cupboard’.

Too wobbly for eggs (Picture: Home Decorating Mums/Facebook)

But people who don’t know seem to be using it to store whatever they want.

One person wrote: ‘I actually took mine out and I use it to store my bars of soap in the bathroom cupboard’.

Another wrote: ‘Mine is in my cupboard with spices in it. The eggs in it just wobbled around, it didn’t make sense and took up so much space in the fridge’.

According to images on the Samsung website, the tray in the fridge is used to store eggs.

According to the Samsung website, the tray is for eggs (Picture: Samsung)

But the eggs pictured on the site are white, which is often the case for eggs in America where eggs may be larger.

In fact, the most common U.S. size of chicken egg is ‘large’ and is the egg size commonly referred to for recipes.

The fridge tray isn’t the only appliance making people scratch their heads.

Recently people discovered the purpose of a secret compartment on their washing machines.

Do you have any inexplicable items in your home that you don’t understand?

Email to tell us more.

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