Woman accidentally glues her ‘lips’ together in home bikini wax mishap

We feel her pain (Picture:@nosidamadison/Tiktok)

A woman accidentally waxed her labia shut while attempting an at-home bikini wax.

Madison, who posts under the username nosidamadison on TikTok, has shared how her attempt at an at-home beauty treatment went horribly wrong.

She posted a (SFW) video explaining her situation, which shows her with her legs propped up on her bathroom sink.

She opens by telling the camera: ‘It would appear that I’ve f***ed up.’

The clip was captioned ‘I cried for literally three hours yesterday, sorry I look disgusting but hopefully the content makes up for it. If you know me, no you don’t.’

The woman goes on: ‘Because I put wax…’ she says, indicating towards her nether regions and laughing, ‘And it stuck. It stuck my lips together.

‘I’ve gotta rip that off now. I got to rip it.’

‘It would appear that I’ve f***ed up,’ she said (Picture:@nosidamadison/Tiktok)
Not ideal (Picture:@nosidamadison/Tiktok)

She laughs again, saying: ‘This is how I die.’

To make matters even worse, the video cuts when she gets a phone call from a male friend of hers.

In the video, she says: ‘My friend just called me, and he’s on his way over.

‘And the wax is still on.’

When asked in the comments if he was who she was ‘waxing for’, Madison replied: ‘It was. He was supposed to come over TOMORROW.’

She ends the clip by sighing heavily, as you would, and seemingly steeling herself, whispering: ‘I’m just going to do it, I’m just going to yank it.’

Thankfully she’s fine now (Picture:@nosidamadison/Tiktok)

In a later video, she confirms that yes, she did end up pulling the wax off.

‘It took a few tries and some tears,’ she says.

‘My friend did come over. We did have a good time.

‘I took a shower and I shaved the remainder. But I did live, and now I’m relaxing in my robe.’

She also says she tried to upload a part two of the wax removal, but TikTok took it down.

She said: ‘You couldn’t see anything in the video, but because my knee apparently looked like a whole ass, it got removed.’

Madison has since uploaded a ‘censored’ version which, in the end, with a lengthy scream that turns into a laugh, shows her ripping the wax off.

‘Ooo,’ Madison says when the biggest chunk comes off, ‘She’s smooth though.’

The comments on her videos are filled with people supporting her plight and feeling her pain, with one writing: ‘I screamed with you’.

Another said: ‘Guess you never gunna do that again’, to which Madison replied: ‘Oh no, this is my second time. I’m certainly doing this again lmao.’

Others posted their recommendations for getting wax off in less painful ways, with many suggesting she try a soak in the bath, olive oil and/or coconut oil next time.

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