Will Smith admits marriage with Jada Pinkett Smith is open and non-monogamous

Will Smith has admitted that his marriage to wife Jada Pinkett Smith is not monogamous and that the Hollywood couple are in an open marriage.

The actor said they both came to the realisation that for them ‘marriage can’t be a prison’, this comes one year after wife Jada admitted to having an affair with 27-year-old singer August Alsina.

Will tells GQ: “We have given each other trust and freedom, with the belief that everybody has to find their own way and I don’t suggest our road for anybody.

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith attend Paramount Pictures' Premiere Of "Gemini Man"
Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith attend Paramount Pictures’ Premiere Of “Gemini Man”

“But the experiences that the freedoms that we’ve given one another and the unconditional support, to me, is the highest definition of love.”

As this news came out, fans were shocked with the revelation that one of Hollywood’s longest standing marriages wasn’t quite what it seemed.

Jada and Will met back in 1990 when Jada auditioned for a role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in the 90s but Jada lost out on bagging a part in the hit series.

After meeting on the casting couch, the two remained friends – then in 1995 after Will ended his marriage with Sheree Zampino and Jada found herself single they began a romance.

They got married on December 31 1997 then welcomed son Jaden in 1998 and daughter Willow in 2000.

Will and Jada’s relationship appeared one of the strongest in showbiz, with them both often gushing about one another and Will affectionately dubbing Jada his “Queen.”

The couple were never rocked by infidelity rumours and when faced with speculation that they were on the rocks always rebutted claims with solid statements confirming that they were together.

Inside Will Smith and Jada non-monogamous romance as actor says marriage ‘isn’t a prison’

But last year, Jada shocked many when she confessed to having an affair with August Alsina and spilling the details for all to know on her Facebook show Red Table Talk.

Jada and Will delved into their marriage after August shared claims he and Jada had a years-long affair with the blessing of her husband.

During the discussion, Jada referred to her relationship with August as an “entanglement.”

Will detailed how he and Jada came to the decision to part as they thought they were going to end their marriage, prior to her hooking up with August.

Jada explained face-to-face on camera to her husband how being with August made her feel as she spilled that he gave her “joy” – sending shock waves through Hollywood.

Jada embarked on the whirlwind romance for four and a half years with August – after meeting him through her son Jaden.

The husband and wife denied that Will gave his blessing to the extra-marital relationship.

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Actor Trey Smith, singer Willow Smith and actors Jaden Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith
Actor Trey Smith, singer Willow Smith and actors Jaden Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith

During the Red Table Talk chat, Jada clarified that her husband didn’t have to give the new love rival permission because they were over – almost “indefinitely”.

She said: “As time went on, I got into a different kind of entanglement [with August]. You giving permission only circumstance is myself.

“August was probably trying to communicate, I could see how he would perceive it as permission as we were separated amicably. He wanted to make it clear he’s not a home wrecker. Which he’s not.”

Jada poured out her heartbreak over her split from Will as she grieved what she thought was the end of their marriage while she romanced August.

The mother-of-two said she was “in a lot of pain” and “broken” as her marriage crumbled.

She said: “I was in a lot of pain. I was broken.”

Jada added: “I wanted to feel good. It had been so long since I felt good. It was really a joy to just help heal somebody.”

After the unexpected insight into the affair, sources said the pair feel that this “wouldn’t even be a story” if they weren’t a high profile couple and that coming clean was the “best move for their family.”


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