Will children get Covid vaccine? When will the Covid vaccine be available for children?

Trials in teenagers have already started to take place, but this is the first time a trial will involve children as young as six years old.

Focus during the pandemic has been on those who are older and more vulnerable because the most serious complications resulting from Covid-19 tend to happen to these groups.

Scientific experts have said most children do not become seriously ill with Covid, but many would benefit from the jab if it is safe.

Speaking last year, Health Secretary Matt Hancock explained children have a lower risk of being badly impacted by Covid-19 if they catch it.

He said: “This vaccine will not be used for children. It hasn’t been tested on children. 

“And the reason is that the likelihood of children having significant detriment if they catch Covid-19 is very, very low.

“So, this is an adult vaccine, for the adult population.”


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