Why won’t Domino’s let you order a Half and Half pizza, over a year into the Covid-19 pandemic?

There’s something deeper (dish) going on… (Picture: Mike Curtain/

Look, we know there’s a lot of big, important stuff going on in the world right now.

But amid all the chaos, there’s one question that keeps popping up with urgency.

That question is: why, over a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, are we still not allowed to order the Half and Half pizza from Domino’s?

You know the one – the option that lets you split your pizza down the middle, with one type of topping on one side, and another on the other.

The Half and Half has long been a saviour for indecisive types, couples, families, friends, and vegetarians hanging out with meat-eating acquaintances.

Pizza Hut offers a Half and Half option. So does Papa John’s. Both brands currently allow you to get a half pepperoni, half plain cheese (or whatever other toppings you prefer).

But when lockdown hit, Domino’s began offering a limited menu – and Half and Half pizzas were cut.

More than a year on, they still aren’t available.

But why? What does Covid-19 have to do with Half and Half pizzas? What is it about health recommendations that makes the Double Decadence (two pizza bases sandwiched together with a cheese sauce) possible, but not the Half and Half?

We approached Domino’s for answers to these big questions, and they told ‘We totally understand many loyal fans are frustrated their much-loved Half and Half pizza is not currently available and we’re really sorry.

For now, you’ll need to settle for just one type of pizza in a pie (Picture: Domino’s)

‘Because of Covid-19, our local authorities have set out temporary guidance resulting in tighter kitchen restrictions and fewer pizza chefs. This means we’ve had to take some of the pizzas off the menu, for a while.

‘Although it’s disappointing not to be able to order your favourite, we know customers will understand it’s critical to look after our team members so we can remain open, safely.

‘While we can’t provide an exact date for the return of Half and Half, we promise everyone at Domino’s is working hard to get our full range of pizzas back in the ovens, as soon as it’s safe to do so.’

A nice sentiment, sure, and we appreciate the apology, but this statement doesn’t really address the crux of the matter: what is it about the Half and Half that makes it currently ‘unsafe’ to produce?

We pushed Domino’s again, and this time a spokesperson responded: ‘Our popular Half and Half is a more complex and time consuming pizza to make. With less team members in store it’s important for us to reduce complexity where we can, to ensure our teams are safe and our customers do not experience any delays with their orders.’

So basically, the reason we still can’t get a Half and Half is because it’s too complicated and takes too much time.

Why they haven’t streamlined the Half and Half baking process by now, and what makes it so much more complicated than making two pizzas, we may never know.

For now, we guess you’ll have to settle for buying two smalls and arranging them together. Or get two large pizzas, each with a different topping, and make two Half and Halfs at home. Enjoy.

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