Why I dream every day of owning a PS5 – Reader’s Feature

Dream console (pic: Sony)

A reader from Zambia details his long history with Sony consoles and why he hopes to one day own a PlayStation 5.

Gaming has been part of my life ever since I was young, it’s one of the things which has always made me happy. It’s like playing video games was just in my DNA and the story all starts with the PlayStation 2 being released in Africa and my country of Zambia. In short, owning consoles up till then was a huge let-down because of the prices but with the increase of gaming stations I enjoyed playing PlayStation 2 games such as Resident Evil 4, GTA: San Andreas, etc.

This is when my love for PlayStation started and when my parents could afford one they got me a PlayStation 2, which made my gaming experience much more fun.

Then there came the PlayStation 3, which made me think Sony was out of this world. The graphical and gameplay changes from the PlayStation 2 changed how I enjoyed games such as God Of War, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 1 and 2, and Modern Warfare 4; games which played a huge part in creating my loyalty and trust for Sony’s third console. Luckily, my parents and uncles agreed one day that they would get me one and they did.

As for the PlayStation 4, I have never had any gaming experience with it, ‘cause I couldn’t afford it and I’m now at an age that I cannot go into gaming stations and pay and play.

But with Sony’s fifth generation, the PlayStation 5 has got me dreaming every day. It feels like the love has been ignited and I have to marry it! The graphics are jaw-dropping in 4K, the fast SSD that makes load times super quick takes me on a ride of joy and laughter because I remember every time I used to die in a game the load times for these past generations took so long I had enough time to think of a new plan going into the game. But with the PlayStation 5 it’s so quick I would have to think of that plan whilst playing, which makes the gaming experience much more fun…

The 3D audio system is something extraterrestrial brought into the gaming world, where the sound itself will make it so interesting to play, adding more fun to the new DualSense controller. The size of the PlayStation 5 doesn’t matter to me, I have enough space and I know the reason why it’s so huge.

Since I never owned a PlayStation 4 all those backward compatible games on my wish list are playable on the PlayStation 5, which means I have no reason to complain. The internal storage is a bit of a let-down but the solution of buying a compatible SSD takes me back to buying memory cards for the PlayStation 2. The UI and its features are good too.

I read about the PlayStation 5 every day and I keep on getting mind-blown every time. I’m a teenager and I cannot afford to buy my dream console. My parents cannot afford it either, because lately we have had a decrease in our currency value, which makes the PlayStation 5 double the price of a PlayStation 4 slim. If only an angel could get me one.

Otherwise, Sony has changed the way we look at and play video games and they have listened to people’s complaints, especially on the heating and noise which they spent over two years working on. I have to say the PlayStation 5 has no limits. I will not talk about a game I would want to play on the next gen because all the games coming to next gen will be stunning.

By reader Nathan

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