Why Hisbah Corps for Kano arrest 53 young pipo for ‘immoral acts’

Syringe wit hard drug inside

Di commander General of Hisbah Sheik Harun Ibn Sina confam to BBC say dem arrest 53 young pipo over immoral activities for Kano state wey dey north of Nigeria.

According to di Hisbah oga, na neighbours of one newly opened relaxation joint for Lamido crescent wey dey Kano city give dem informate about di ‘immoral’ tins wey dey happun dia before dia officers land dia to make di arrests.

“Di pipo wey open di place say na football viewing centre but later dem come dey allow taking and selling of hard drugs and oda bad tins. Dat na why our men land dia to make arrests.”

Sheik Harun say dem separate di offenders wey dem gbab into two groups and dem go soon take final action on dem.

“Di first category na pipo wey dey commit offence for di first time among dem, dis ones we go call dia parents and give dem last warning but for di oda category wey be say we don gbab dem for oda offences before, those ones na court straight.” Dis na wetin di Hisbah boss yan.

Kano state dey among states for Nigeria wey get Hisbah unit wey be Islamic police as per say dem dey operate Sharia legal system plus Nigeria’s secular legal system.


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