Why did Sainsbury’s fail to deliver the goods on all fronts?

Last November I was due to receive my online shopping order from Sainsbury’s. It didn’t arrive, causing me great inconvenience as I had run out of nappies for my toddler.

After a long period on hold, I was told the delivery would not be happening, but with no explanation.

I was assured someone would call the next day to arrange a new slot. No one did. This happened twice more over the next five days with promised calls that never came.

I eventually asked for my money back and was told this would be credited back to my card. It wasn’t.

I complained via the website, and wrote to head office, but two months later have had no reply.

ZE, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Two months on Sainsbury’s has discovered that your order was processed incorrectly. How? Because the prospect of a headline energised it to address the complaint it was happy to ignore before.

It’s now refunded you and added £50 to soothe your feelings.

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