Why are my legs aching? The key warning signs of 4 types of blood clots

Warning signs of blood clots

Symptoms of blood clots can vary depending on their location in the body, whether they completely block the vessel or only partially block it, and whether they break off and become an embolism.

Arterial blood clots

Professor Whiteley said: “In arteries, blood clots are much more widely known about and cause strokes, heart attacks and dead legs.

“Fortunately, arterial blood clots are quite uncommon. However, in your veins, the signs and symptoms can be much more subtle, and venous disease is much more common.

Deep vein thrombosis

A deep vein thrombosis (DVT) classically presents with a swollen, tender leg.

Professor Whiteley said: “If the clot is lower down the leg, it might only be the calf that is affected, and this is often mistaken for cramp.

“If the clot is in the thigh veins or the pelvis, then the whole leg may be swollen and tender.

“If there is any suggestion of deep vein thrombosis, it is sensible to get a scan to be certain.”


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