Whiskey Cavalier's "Spyvertising" Will Make You Believe in Fake Love Again

There are few things we (ok, this specific writer) love more than spies pretending to be in love for spying purposes (RIP Chuck), so ABC’s upcoming Whiskey Cavalier is right up our alley. 

ABC seems to understand what kind of an opportunity it’s got with the new show, starring Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan, and they’re taking full advantage of it with some truly solid advertising—”spyvertising”—spoofing typical ads by making its stars spies instead of actual couples on the brink of marriage. 

E! News has your exclusive first look at the first two of those ads, starring Cohan and Foley as a loving couple escaping bombs and stabbing each other with engagement rings, just like dreams are made of. 

The very fun Whiskey Cavalier follows emotional, empathetic FBI agent Will (Foley), who’s just getting over a breakup, and cold, less empathetic CIA agent Frankie (Cohan) as they team up on various cases and lead an interagency team of goofballs to saving the world. Hijinks and hilarity ensue, and of course Will and Frankie struggle to work together as they have completely different ways of handling any and all emotions and work situations. 



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