Which Russian composer was a chemistry professor? The Weekend quiz

The questions

1 Who was the original ghost at the feast?
2 Where is the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade from?
3 Who was nicknamed the Notorious RBG?
4 Which wild birds never meet their parents?
5 The Other Elizabeth Taylor was a biography of whom?
6 Which NFL team plays in Paradise, Nevada?
7 What does the acronym GIF stand for?
8 Which Russian composer was a chemistry professor?
What links:
Nore; Cleaver; Dogger; Hammond’s Knoll?
10 Joseph of Naples & Spain; Louis of Holland; Jérôme of Westphalia?
11 Sarah John; Victoria Cleland; Chris Salmon; Andrew Bailey?
12 Cholera pioneer; fast bowler; C4 news; northern bastard?
13 Stettin and Trieste?
14 Nose; short head; head; neck?
15 Adèle Dumont d’Urville; Ferdinand Magellan; Alexander von Humboldt?

Meat cleaver and empty chopping board against dark grey background
Stuck on the cleaver clue? Chop chop! Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Banquo (in Macbeth).
2 Cuba.
3 Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
4 Cuckoos (and other brood parasites).
5 Novelist Elizabeth Taylor (1912-75).
6 Las Vegas Raiders (formerly Oakland Raiders).
7 Graphics interchange format.
8 Alexander Borodin.
9 North Sea (and Thames estuary) sandbanks.
10 Brothers of Napoleon Bonaparte (and their kingdoms).
11 Recent chief cashiers of the Bank of England.
12 John/Jon Snows: 19th-century doctor; 1960s/70s cricketer; presented Channel 4 news since 1989; in Game Of Thrones.
13 Iron curtain (according to Churchill’s 1946 speech).
14 Winning distances in horse races.
15 Penguins named after them: Adélie; Magellanic; Humboldt.


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