Which comedian originally performed as the Sea Monster? The Weekend quiz

The questions

1 Which three kings died in England in 1066?
2 Who did Agatha Christie call a “tiresome little creature”?
3 The auroch is the wild ancestor of which animal?
4 Which comedian originally performed as the Sea Monster?
5 Which book is subtitled Another Testament Of Jesus Christ?
6 Whose Köln Concert is the bestselling piano album ever?
7 On Jupiter, what measures around 10,000 miles across?
8 Which capital is served by Toussaint Louverture international airport?
What links:
Oplontis; Stabiae; Herculaneum?
10 What We Do In The Shadows; Heavenly Creatures; The Piano; Whale Rider?
11 Adze; halberd; mattock; ono; pulaski; splitting maul?
12 Calcutta Cup; Achilles statue, Hyde Park; Victoria Crosses (reputedly)?
13 Schoolchild; flower called a flag; lentil in Latin?
14 Herengracht; Grand; Griboyedov; Regent’s?
15 David Nicholls; JL Carr; Daniel Defoe; Gabriel García Márquez?

Gabriel García Márquez.
Gabriel García Márquez. Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Edward the Confessor; Harald Hardrada (Norway); Harold II.
2 Hercule Poirot.
3 Domestic cattle.
4 Jo Brand.
5 Book of Mormon.
6 Keith Jarrett.
7 Great Red Spot.
8 Port-au-Prince (Haiti).
9 Destroyed alongside Pompeii in eruption of Vesuvius, AD79.
10 Films set in New Zealand.
11 Types of axe.
12 Made from melted-down items: silver rupees; Napoleonic war cannons; Crimean war cannons.
13 Parts of the eye: pupil; iris; lens.
14 Major city canals: Amsterdam; Venice; St Petersburg; London.
15 Authors of novels with increasing titular time spans: One Day; A Month In The Country; A Journal Of The Plague Year; One Hundred Years Of Solitude.


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