Which capital city was called Titograd until 1992? The Weekend quiz

The questions

1 Who are said to have made their last stand at Anglesey?
2 What is the only British bird to turn fully white in winter?
3 Emily Lamb was the sister and wife of which prime ministers?
4 Which capital city was called Titograd until 1992?
5 What word for antiquated means before the Flood?
6 Which English surrealist has a dedicated museum in Mexico?
7 1937 comedy Topper was the first film described as what?
8 What audio-visual connector has 21 pins?

What links:
Forward; Newdigate; Cholmondeley; Queen’s Gold Medal?
10 The Weekend; Juice World; Saint John?
11 Hunterston; Hartlepool; Heysham; Hinkley Point?
12 Burgundy; Périgord black; Piedmont white; terfez?
13 Poe; Rowdy; Steely McBeam; Pat Patriot?
14 Senet; tafl; ludus latrunculorum; nine men’s morris?
15 Foggy Bottom; Quai d’Orsay; Itamaraty; South Block?

Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry.
Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry. Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Druids (vs the Romans).
2 Ptarmigan.
3 Lord Melbourne and Lord Palmerston.
4 Podgorica (Montenegro).
5 Antediluvian.
6 Leonora Carrington.
7 Screwball comedy.
9 Poetry prizes.
10 Hip-hop acts spelt “correctly”: The Weeknd; Juice WRLD; SAINt JHN.
11 Nuclear power stations.
12 Varieties of truffle.
13 NFL team mascots: Baltimore Ravens; Dallas Cowboys; Pittsburgh Steelers; New England Patriots.
14 Ancient and medieval board games.
15 Metonyms (and locations) for foreign ministries: USA; France; Brazil; India.


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