When is the last furlough payment?

BRITS who are still on furlough will be wondering when their last payment is before the flagship scheme ends at the end of the month.

The furlough scheme was first launched at the start of the pandemic to prevent millions of jobs being lost.

We explain when furloughed workers should expect their last payment


We explain when furloughed workers should expect their last paymentCredit: Getty

It supported millions of workers during the pandemic by paying them 80% of their wages – up to £2,500 a month.

The government initially covered the whole bill for the cost of the help.

But in July, companies started chipping in 10% to the cost of paying furloughed workers, and this increased to 20% in August.

The scheme closes at the end of September – but latest figures show that millions of Brits are still relying on the scheme to get by.

Latest figures show that 1.9million were still furloughed at the end of June.

When should furloughed Brits expect to receive their last payment before the scheme is axed after Thursday, September 30? We explain all you need to know.

When is the last furlough payment?

Even though the furlough scheme officially ends in September, you might receive your last payment in October if your company files your claim late.

Employers are responsible for contacting HMRC and arranging furlough payments on behalf of staff.

After contacting HMRC, employers are given grant by the government to cover the appropriate amount of wages for furloughed staff.

The scheme closes on September 30, but firms can submit claims for the month of September up until October 14.

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Furlough payments have always landed in workers’ accounts six working days after the claim has been submitted.

That means that the very last date you can receive a payment is October 22.

However, if your claim has been submitted earlier by your firm, then you’ll receive your cash before this date.

To check when you should expect to get paid, ask your employer for more information on when they submitted your claim – it should land in your account six working days after this date.

Could I miss my last furlough payment?

You could miss your last furlough payment if your employer does not file your claim before October 14.

HMRC confirmed to The Sun that if workers are not eligible for the help or claims aren’t made on their behalf by October 14, they won’t receive any money.

However, HMRC added that if your company misses the deadline and they don’t have a reasonable excuse for doing so, then it still owes you money you are due.

Citizens Advice says you should talk to your employer if you haven’t been paid – or have received the wrong amount.

If you don’t get far with this, you need to raise a grievance with your company – which means you’re putting in a formal complaint.

If this still doesn’t work, you should contact Acas by filling in this form or contacting them on 0300 123 1122.

What happens after furlough ends?

Experts have warned about the risk of redundancy workers face when furlough ends.

The idea of furlough is that Brits can return to their jobs after the country returns to normal after the pandemic.

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But some business may still be struggling and could make furloughed employees redundant rather than bringing them back.

Banking trade body UK Finance has warned that there could be uncertainty in the labour market once furlough closes due to the “mismatch between sectors with large numbers still on furlough and those likely to continue recruiting.”

For example, the latest government data shows there were 337,800 furloughed jobs in the accommodation and food services sector at the end of June.

But the latest Office for National Statistics vacancy survey shows there were just 117,000 jobs available in this sector between May and July.

This means there wouldn’t be enough accommodation or food-related jobs to apply for if all the furloughed workers in this sector lose their current roles.

While research by Hargreaves Lansdown shows 54% of people are concerned their income will fall as the pandemic continues to unfold.

Sarah Coles, personal finance analyst for Hargreaves Lansdown, said: “Hundreds of thousands of people could be left high and dry when the furlough scheme comes to an end, and those who are carrying debts could find themselves in serious difficulty.

“There’s a real mismatch between the sectors people are on furlough from and the sectors that are recruiting. Not every sales assistant wants to take a pay cut to move into care or retrain as a delivery driver.”

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As the scheme ends and other help like the £20 a week Universal Credit uplift is cut, we explain how to cope with the rising cost of living.

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