When is it Time to Remodel Your House?

When is it Time to Remodel Your House?

Every home is a work in progress, to some extent or other. But exactly when’s the right time to start remodelling, and which areas in the home should you prioritise? Let’s take a look at a few considerations.

Are the Funds Available?

If you’ve got a pot of cash sitting in your current account, then it’s effectively dwindling, thanks to inflation. Putting it into your home could therefore represent a sensible investment. On the other hand, if you’ve built up a cushion of equity, you could draw some of it out to make improvements, and to bolster your standard of living.

Your Family is Growing

A new arrival in the home will mean that more space is necessary. It’s best to prepare in advance for this, as, while children don’t take up much space to begin with, their needs can expand fairly rapidly. Ideally, you’ll want to have all of your preparations made before the baby arrives – as finding time to redecorate afterwards can be difficult.

Your Energy Bills are High

If you’re spending too much on heating, then renovation could be the solution. Replacing aging, leaky doors and windows might be sensible. The same goes for aging boilers. A replacement will pay for itself in the long-run, but repairs are often the more economical solution.

You’re not Getting the Most Out of Your Space

Are there parts of the house that you rarely visit, and that you don’t get the maximum potential out of? Such locations are ideally suited to renovation. Loft and garage spaces can be converted into gyms or studios, or even put to work as storage locations. Guest bedrooms which don’t see many lodgers might be converted into office spaces, perhaps complete with a sofa-bed so that you can still entertain.

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Your Home Looks Dated

Your intuitions can be a decent sign that changes are necessary. If you feel as though you’re stepping back in time every time you go for a shower, then it might be time to give your bathroom a more modern twist. Any feeling that you have that the house is dated might be shared by would-be buyers, so you can think of this kind of remodelling work as a sensible investment, securing the long-term value of your home.

Your Home is Falling Apart

Structural deterioration doesn’t have to be dramatic – but it can cost you all the same. Smaller problems should therefore be corrected before they have a chance to worsen, and become big problems. If tiles are coming away in your kitchen, or the floorboards are rotting in your front porch, it’s time to take corrective action.

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