When are Tesco delivery slots released?

AS shoppers stay home due to lockdown measures and to avoid the pandemonium at stores, many have turned to online shopping as an alternative.

The demand has risen so high that mega-stores such as Tesco have ran out of delivery slots, but how long will this be for and when will new ones be released?

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When are Tesco delivery slots released?

At this present time there is no delivery slots that have been released by Tesco.

But this is set to change as Tesco has added 120,000 click and collect delivery slots to its website and recruited an additional 7,500 to help deliver food.

There are plans to add another 100,000 slots in the coming weeks and Tesco have recruited an extra 2,500 drivers to keep up with demands.

This news will be well received by those who have to self-isolate or have difficulty getting to the stores as delivery slots have been scarce in the last few weeks.

 Tesco have seen a huge rise in the demand of online delivery orders


Tesco have seen a huge rise in the demand of online delivery ordersCredit: Alamy

Is Tesco still open?

Yes, Tesco stores are still open at the moment, but not in the way the public have become accustomed too.

There has been changes in the time of the stores operation, with most stores opening at 6am and closing at 10pm.

Tesco have said the reason for this is to allow for re-stocking of items after the huge demand for them during the day.

NHS staff and the elderly have been given priority in allocated time-slots at the beginning of the day, in these hours the general public won’t be allowed in the store.

Although, most Tesco stores will be operating within the same hours, it’s best that you check with your local store before heading out as some store opening hours will vary.


What are the rules at Tesco during the coronavirus lockdown?

To maintain a safe environment for staff and customers alike, there have been rules put in place by Tesco and other supermarkets as coronavirus wreaks havoc throughout the country.

Here’s what you can expect to encounter on your next trip to a Tesco store;

  • A three-item limit per person
  • Stand two-metres apart-with marking indicating where
  • Shop alone if possible-avoid being in a group
  • Follow a set route around store while keeping safe distance
  • Pay by card if possible
  • Cleaning stations will be available to clean trolley or basket

Not following these rules can lead to punishment, as one shopper found out in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester over the weekend.

Steven Mackie, 53, was arrested after getting to close to other shoppers outside the Tesco in the area.

In what was the first offence of its kind, Mackie was fined £635 at Stockport Magistrate Court, after admitting that he failed to maintain public health.

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