What time is Boris Johnson Covid winter plan announcement tomorrow?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to make a Covid announcement tomorrow, detailing the next steps in the Covid Winter Plan

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson is expected to make an announcement

The national coronavirus lockdown is over, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to talk about the country’s next steps in an announcement tomorrow, September 14.

Although the we’ve come to the end of the roadmap out of lockdown and more than 44 million people in the UK are fully vaccinated, cases of Covid-19 are still increasing.

Now the government will reveal how they plan to tackle the rise in infections over the winter months.

Ahead of the announcement there has been much speculation about what the PM will say, in particular around the use of Covid vaccine passports.

Here we take a closer look at when the announcement is due to be made, and what you can expect from it.

What time is Boris Johnson’s announcement?

The Prime Minister is expected to address the nation


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Mr Johnson is expected to make an announcement tomorrow, on Tuesday September 14.

However, the official announcement time has not yet been revealed.

As usual, the PM is expected to speak in the House of Commons before addressing the nation in a televised press conference.

Although no time has been officially announced, these tend to be at 5pm, meaning that is likely to be the time this time round too.

You’ll be able to watch this on BBC News, online via BBC iPlayer, or Sky News.

What will Boris Johnson say?

Mr Johnson is expected to reveal the Winter Covid plan


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The PM is expected to reveal the government’s Covid Winter Plan.

Although Covid-19 infections are rising, it is expected the government will focus on vaccinations rather than another lockdown.

Mr Johnson is understood to be “dead set” against another lockdown, and has emphasised the fact that the country will need to “learn to live with Covid”.

It is expected that he will reiterate the importance of having the Covid vaccine – especially as the winter months will bring a host of new challenges.

There is a plan to offer booster vaccinations to the most vulnerable people, which could possibly start as early as this month.

Government scientists are also considering whether to offer the vaccine to 12 to 15-year-olds.

It is also likely Mr Johnson will announce that he will repeal certain sections of the Coronavirus Act, including the power to close down the economy, imposing restrictions on large events, and the power to temporarily close down schools.

He is also expected to confirm that Covid vaccine passports will not be required in order to enter large venues in England.

Recently, Mr Johnson said: “Thanks to the efforts of the public, the NHS and our phenomenal vaccination programme, we reached step four in our roadmap and life has returned to a sense of normality.

“These extraordinary times required necessary but intrusive measures. But I’m determined to get rid of any powers we no longer need because of our vaccine defences. I will set out the next phase in our Covid response shortly.”


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