What links Oliver and Moulin Rouge? The Weekend quiz

The questions

1 Who rallied the troops at Tilbury?
2 What school of psychology is named after the German for “form”?
3 Florence Thompson was the subject of which Dorothea Lange photograph?
4 What rose from £30 to £45 in April?
5 Which six EU members are monarchies?
6 What was built in Paris to house the Crown of Thorns?
7 Part of the space weather forecast, what is a CME?
8 Which Labour leader climbed 108 Munros
What links:
Dorothy L Sayers; Fay Weldon; Don DeLillo; Salman Rushdie?
10 Archibald Ormsby-Gore; Alan Measles; Pudsey?
11 Shields; America; Carolina; Korea?
12 Clydesdale; Suffolk; Shire; Percheron?
13 Concrete; Palatinate; Varsity; Cherwell?
14 Oklahoma; Hello, Dolly; Oliver; Twang; Moulin Rouge?
15 Al Oerter; Carl Lewis; Michael Phelps; Kaori Icho?

Michael Phelps
Different strokes… Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Elizabeth I (1588).
2 Gestalt.
3 Migrant Mother.
4 Contactless payment limit.
5 Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.
6 Sainte-Chapelle.
7 Coronal mass ejection (from the sun).
8 John Smith.
9 Novelists who worked as advertising copywriters.
10 Teddy bears: John Betjeman’s; Grayson Perry’s; Children in Need mascot.
11 Places with North and South prefixes.
12 Draught horse breeds.
13 Student newspapers: UEA; Durham; Cambridge; Oxford.
14 Musicals and film musicals missing exclamation marks.
15 Won four consecutive Olympic golds in the same event: discus; long jump; 200m medley swimming; women’s 63kg wrestling.


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