What links Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station? The Saturday quiz

The questions

1 Which Oscar winner took her stage name from a Balzac novel?
2 What is the subject of the Alvarez hypothesis?
3 Which country has Africa’s largest army?
4 What notorious website was run by Dread Pirate Roberts?
5 Virtually all mammals have how many neck bones?
6 Which vehicle was made at Dunmurry in Belfast?
7 In the US, the MLE is the major league of what “sport”?
8 Fourth Among Equals was which SDP founder’s autobiography?
What links:
9 Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station?
10 Nuuk (1st); Port Moresby (2nd); Samarinda (3rd); Antananarivo (4th)?
11 Chesters; Housesteads; Vindolanda; Birdoswald?
Ginnel; snicket; twitten; wynd?
13 Book; Street; Knight; Mile; Lantern?
14 John Houlding; Gus Mears; Brother Walfrid; Moses and Peter McNeil?
15 Uncle Remus story; eg bebop; Song of Songs; adored?

Portrait of Honore de Balzac
Balzac clue cracked? Photograph: Images

The answers

1 Bette Davis (from La Cousine Bette).
2 Extinction of the dinosaurs (asteroid impact).
3 Egypt.
4 Silk Road.
5 Seven.
6 DMC DeLorean car.
7 (Competitive) eating.
8 Bill Rodgers.
9 Northern line (2021 extension).
10 Most populous cities on the world’s largest islands: Greenland; New Guinea; Borneo; Madagascar.
11 Forts on Hadrian’s Wall.
12 English dialect words for alley or passageway.
13 Follow “Green” in the titles of films.
14 Football club founders: Liverpool; Chelsea; Celtic; Rangers.
15 Toni Morrison novels: Tar Baby; Jazz; Song of Solomon; Beloved.


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