What links Nicola Adams and Darwin’s ship? The Weekend quiz

The questions

1 What was “catchier than IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence”?
2 Which rulers sat on the Peacock Throne?
3 The cat-like fossa is the largest carnivore on which island?
4 Where does A+B+C+D+E = Q?
5 Which poet was nicknamed after the jockey Steve Donoghue?
6 A serpent eats its own tail in which ancient symbol?
7 Which UK national park is a Unesco world heritage site?
8 What Japanese art form’s name means “pictures run riot”?
What links:
Andoni Goikoetxea; Frank Rich; Douglas Haig?
10 Annabella Drummond (1394) and Mary Queen of Scots (1566)?
11 Mountain; tree; cobra; warrior; half lord of the fishes?
12 Banba’s Crown; Burr Point; Brow Head; Dunmore Head?
13 Nicola Adams; Split native; biggest Mexican state; Darwin’s ship?
14 NW8; SE11; B5; M16; LS6; NG2?
15 Chatterton (Wallis); Marat (David); Nelson and Wolfe (West); Gordon (Joy)?

Close-up of peacockwith fanned out feathers

Have you heard about the bird? Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Wifi (name origin, coined by Interbrand).
2 Mughal emperors.
3 Madagascar.
4 Scrabble board (10 points).
5 Stevie Smith (born Florence Margaret Smith).
6 Ouroboros.
7 Lake District.
8 Manga.
9 Known as The Butcher of…: Bilbao (footballer); Broadway (critic); the Somme (general).
10 Mothers of King James I (birth year): of Scotland; of England.
11 Yoga poses.
12 Extreme points of (mainland) Ireland: N; E; S; W.
13 Dog breeds: boxer; Dalmatian; Chihuahua; Beagle.
14 Postcodes of cricket grounds: Lords; Oval; Edgbaston; Old Trafford; Headingley; Trent Bridge.
15 Deaths of historical figures (painted by).


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