What links HMS Victory, Jude the Obscure and the Kray twins? The Weekend quiz

The questions

1 For whom did Johann Mälzel design ear trumpets?
2 Which message superseded CQD?
3 On television, who is Judith Sheindlin?
4 What is unique about the neck’s hyoid bone?
5 Which stream separated Cisalpine Gaul from Italy?
6 What was English football’s first sponsor-named competition?
7 Which Yorkshire city lost its railway station in the 1960s?
8 Which animals are either two-toed or three-toed?
What links:
9 Minimoog; ARP Odyssey; Korg MS-20; Fairlight CMI?
10 HMS Victory; Jude The Obscure; Kray twins?
11 Viti Levu; Vanua Levu; Taveuni; Kadavu?
12 1781 (7); 1846 (8); 1930 (9); 2006 (8 again)?
13 Donna Tartt; Bret Easton Ellis; Jonathan Lethem; Brix Smith Start?
14 England; France; Lombardy; Andalusia; Burgundy?
15 Siya Kolisi; John Smit; Francois Pienaar?

Gert Froebe in Jules Verne’s Rocket to the Moon (1967) a man uses an ear trumpet, listening device

An ear trumpet, you say? Photograph: Ronald Grant

The answers

1 Beethoven.
2 SOS (distress call).
3 Judge Judy.
4 It has no direct articulation with other bones.
5 Rubicon.
6 Watney Cup (1970-73).
7 Ripon (under the Beeching axe).
8 Sloths.
9 Early synthesisers.
10 Thomas/Tom Hardy: captain at Trafalgar; wrote novel; actor, played twins in Legend film.
11 Largest islands of Fiji.
12 Numbers of known planets in our solar system: discovery of Uranus; discovery of Neptune; discovery of Pluto; demotion of Pluto to dwarf planet status.
13 Contemporaries at Bennington College, Vermont, in the 1980s.
14 Named after Germanic peoples: Angles; Franks; Lombards; Vandals; Burgundians.
15 South African rugby World Cup-winning captains: 2019; 2007; 1995.


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