What links Bob Dylan with Queen and AC/DC? Weekend's bumper Boxing Day quiz

The questions

1 Which 94-year-old took under five hours to reach a million followers on Instagram?
2 Which Welsh town was overrun by Kashmiri goats in March?
3 Who announced a “Spring 2020 transition”?
4 Which fortification was built in the 12th century by Bernard I de Balliol on the banks of the Tees?
5 How is Joseph Maldonado-Passage described in the title of a Netflix series?
6 Which item is inscribed with “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations”?
7 Which bowlers took their 500th and 600th Test wickets respectively?

Cricket ball in hand
Howzat! Photograph: Jenny_Hill/Getty Images/iStockphoto

8 Whose bones were sold for a record $31.8m in October?
9 Which temporary structure moved from Welford Park in Berkshire to Down Hall in Essex?
10 Which number 10 challenged Number 10 on free school meals?
11 Eric Yuan founded which communications technology company in 2011?
12 Spotted in the Peak District this summer, what is a lammergeier?
13 How did Shipley and Tatton personally and politically unite in September?
14 Who sang the theme song for the still unreleased Bond film No Time To Die?
15 Who said he’d voted in the US election for “someone I truly trust…me”?
16 Last month, Rutland ceased to be England’s only county without what?
What links:
Mary Wollstonecraft, controversially; Oscar Wilde; Benjamin Britten?
18 Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand PM, in May; Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Iceland PM, in October?
19 Combating world hunger; hepatitis C virus; black hole formation; genetic scissors?

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio
Charli D’Amelio. Photograph: Christopher Lane

20 Charli D’Amelio; Addison Rae; Zach King; Loren Gray?21 Asbestos, Quebec; Washington Redskins; Marie Stopes International; Dixie Chicks?22 Megyn Kelly; Judy Garland; Harriet Tubman; Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio?
23 Bob Dylan; Queen; Rolling Stones; Bruce Springsteen; AC/DC?
24 The World Crisis; Persuasion; The Fighting Temeraire?
25 Donald Trump, 2020; Bill Clinton, 1998; Andrew Johnson, 1868?
26 Video games; Romantic poets; Sherlock; Rupert Bear; Star Trek?
27 Tom Moore; Florence Nightingale; Bonnie Prince Charlie; John Evelyn?
28 Brendan; Ciara; Dennis; Ellen; Francis?
29 Ken McCallum; Richard Moore; Jeremy Fleming?
30 St Catherine of Alexandria; Lute Player; Allegory of Painting?

Goat on rock
Wales ahoy! Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 David Attenborough.
2 Llandudno.
3 Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
4 Barnard Castle.
5 Tiger King.
6 Brexit 50p coin.
7 Stuart Broad and Jimmy Anderson.
8 T rex skeleton (Stan).
9 Great British Bake Off tent.
10 Marcus Rashford.
11 Zoom.
12 (Bearded) vulture.
13 Their MPs married each other: Philip Davies and Esther McVeigh.
14 Billie Eilish.
15 Kanye West.
16 McDonald’s.
17 Memorials sculpted by Maggi Hambling: Stoke Newington, 2020; West End; Aldeburgh beach.
18 Interrupted by earthquakes on live TV.
19 2020 Nobel Prize winners (from citations): Peace; Medicine; Physics; Chemistry.
20 Most popular accounts on TikTok.
21 Decided on name changes in 2020: town; NFL team; medical charity; group.
22 Real people played by Oscar nominees for Best Actor and Actress in 2020: Charlize Theron; Renée Zellweger; Cynthia Erivo; Jonathan Pryce.
23 Veteran acts who topped the UK album chart this year.
24 Works by people on current banknotes: Winston Churchill history; Jane Austen novel; JMW. Turner painting.
25 US presidential impeachments.
26 Celebrated by Royal Mail stamps this year.
27 Birth anniversaries: 1920; 1820; 1720; 1620.
28 Named storms hitting the UK this year (January-August).
29 Heads of UK security services: MI5; MI6; GCHQ.
30 Self-portraits by Artemisia Gentileschi (subject of 2020 National Gallery exhibition).


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