What is Graves' disease? Symptoms of condition behind hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism has a range of often subtle symptoms that may grow to become more troubling over time. The condition also has several potential causes, and scientists have identified three serial offenders. The most common is Graves’ disease, which affects three of four hyperthyroidism sufferers and comes with a vast range of potential symptoms.

What is Graves’ disease?

Graves’ disease is one of three primary causes behind hyperthyroidism.

The condition develops when the immune system malfunctions and produces a preponderance of thyroid hormones that attack the organ itself.

Symptoms emerge when these thyroid hormones affect the body’s various systems.

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Graves disease also presents itself on the skin via Graves’ dermopathy.

Graves’ dermopathy is another hallmark of the disease but an uncommon one.

Those who develop the skin condition will see their skin redden and thicken.

The most commonly affected areas of the body include the shins and the top of the feet.


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