What is autism spectrum disorder? What are the most common symptoms of ASD?

Repetitive behaviour

Having a familiar routine can be a great comfort to those with autism, as it helps to keep the day structured and avoid any unexpected events that could cause anxiety.

Sensory overload

Autistic people can be more sensitive to touch, sounds, smells, sights and tastes.

This can lead to sensory overload, which is when the stimulation of the senses becomes overwhelming.

For example, eating food in a restaurant with loud chatter and music could cause someone a lot of distress.

While others might be able to block out the noises, for some people with autism it can be impossible to ignore their surroundings.

Fixation on interests or hobbies

Many people with autism can become engrossed in their passions from a young age, and take immense pleasure in developing expertise in their chosen area.


Whether it’s tied to unpredictable changes to routine, social situations or other aspects of daily life, anxiety can be a big issue for autistic adults in particular.

According to the National Autistic Society, more than a third of people with autism have serious mental health issues.


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