What did Peter Beardsley say? Former Newcastle coach is banned from football for racist abuse

Peter Beardsley has been banned from football (Picture: Getty Images)

Peter Beardsley has been found guilty of using abusive or insulting words in reference to ethnic origin or colour while working at Newcastle United and has been banned from football for eight months as a result.

The 58-year-old was charged with three breaches of FA Rule E3 and found guilty on all three, despite denying them.

The three breaches related to…

Calling one player a ‘monkey’

An anonymous player issued a statement which read: ‘We were playing in the gym, and one of the black players was dancing around and Peter made a monkey reference, but you could take that one or two ways.

‘I can’t remember exactly [what terminology was used], but off the top of my head, it was something like “Look at [A] being a monkey.”’

Questioning the age of an African player in the youth system

Another anonymous player statement was issued: ‘Last season I wasn’t in U18 squad and the next day he was quizzing me about not being in the squad, and he said “That’s because you are not 18”.

‘I took this to be a reference to players of African origin forging papers regarding their age, and I took it because I am big, that I was older, the same was said to [another player].’

When the squad attended an event at Go Ape, Beardsley said a black player ‘should be used to that’

A further anonymous player statement read: ‘When we were at Go Ape he said to us “we should be used to that” which I took to be a reference to climbing the trees.

‘But Peter said “I’m not being funny” and tried to explain it was a reference to climbing mountains, but at the time we weren’t climbing mountains, we were climbing a tree.

‘”I’m not being funny” is all he ever says after he makes a comment.’

Beardsley was sacked as a coach of the under-23 side in March, when he issued the following statement: ‘The time is now right for me to seek a new challenge and I wish the players all the best and the supporters the success they deserve.

‘I have always honoured my contractual obligations of confidentiality to the Club and maintained my silence, which has in itself been very difficult.

‘I am incredibly grateful for the tremendous support I have received and I look forward to the future.’

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