‘What did he expect?’ Britons RAGING at Corbyn’s Birmingham visit on IRA bomb anniversary

Voters took to Facebook to express their disbelief at the Labour leader going to Birmingham on the 45th anniversary of the bombing to launch his election manifesto. One said: “This is like reading that the IRA never killed innocent women and children. Never placed bombs in the UK to kill and maim innocent civilians. “For all you Corbynastas, why has he been the object of ridicule from his own Labour MPs?

“Have any of you lot ever served in the Forces? Try talking to veterans who served in Northern Ireland about Corbyn. Why does he refuse to sing our National Anthem?

“Why does he call terrorist groups his friends?”

Another said: “He should have expected it going to Birmingham on the anniversary of the IRA bombings.”

A third added: “He is a terrible man. He hates everyone, pensioners, ruck people that provide millions of jobs, children who Labour failed to support across the north, and especially the working people who he regards as sheep to control. Stop voting Labour.”

A fourth said: “Britain’s enemy. he will destroy our little country.”

The remarks come as Mr Corbyn was labelled “IRA scum” as he arrived in Birmingham.

Protesters can be heard chanting “scum” repeatedly at Mr Corbyn in a shock video taken at yesterday’s event. The footage was posted on Twitter by ITV journalist Romilly Weeks.

She captioned the video: “‘IRA scum’ Corbyn’s reception in the West Midlands as he tries to sell his manifesto.”

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Another tweeted: “Serves him right. Going to Birmingham on today of all days shows how little he cares about the victims of this IRA atrocity. Not fit to be PM.”

A third said: “No set up. Just extremely angry people voicing their opinion. I applaud them.”

Another tweeted: “Well said West Midlands.”

The Labour Party manifesto includes sweeping pledges on public spending, nationalising services and tax hikes for the rich.

At yesterday’s launch event, Jeremy Corbyn promised a Labour government would “transform” the UK.

The 105-page document has been dubbed the party’s most radical manifesto in decades and includes a windfall tax on oil firms and scrapping rises in the state pension age.

Mr Corbyn said his offer to voters was “radical” and would mean “real change”.

He accused “bankers, billionaires and the establishment” of wanting to thwart his plans, adding: “They don’t own the Labour Party. The people own the Labour Party.”

On Brexit, the Labour leader continued his ambiguous stance and in the questions after the launch, refused to state his position on whether he would campaign to Leave or Remain in a second EU referendum.

But he did say what the party’s plans were, to renegotiate a new Brexit deal that incorporated a close relationship with the EU, which would then be put to a “legally binding” referendum.

Other sweeping changes pledged in the manifesto include lowering the voting age to 16, pledging £75billion to build 150,000 new council and social homes a year and introducing a “real living wage” of at least £10 an hour.

Labour also plan to increase the NHS budget by 4.3 percent on average per year, a rise of 2.3 percent from the current Government. Mr Corbyn says his plans are “fully costed” and said Labour have calculated it will cost £82.9billion.

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