Wetherspoons' Tim Martin makes BRILLIANT Brexit point about what UK is fighting for

The Wetherspoons boss and Brexiteer delivered a rousing speech during the Brexit Party ‘Big Vision Rally’ where he told a 5,500-strong crowd “democracy works” and it was “strange” that it wasn’t being accepted by “highly educated people in the UK. The 64-year-old, a long term Brexit advocate, warned Remainers “we don’t want a deal and we don’t need a deal” which drew cheers from the crowds of supporters in Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre. 

He said: “We’re here because democracy works and we all know this and we all know this but for some strange reason it is not accepted by a lot of highly educated people in the UK and in Europe.”

To a rapturous round of applause, he told the audience: “Democracy is where it’s at and it’s amazing to have to be fighting for it in the UK now.”

He also laid in to Project Fear claims, saying they were “melting before our eyes”.

He said: “They said if you vote leave, there will be a recession and we’ll lose a million jobs by today – instead of that we have created a million jobs in the last three years.

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“The most toxic story at the moment and, it’s very dangerous, is that we need a deal in order to leave the EU. 

“It’s very, very dangerous because it means of course that you can only leave on the terms someone is going to give you.

“We need to leave on WTO terms.

“Have you ever heard of an Aus in a moment of self doubt say ‘oh I wish I could use the euro’.

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“If we leave on WTO rules, we save £39bn, we regain control of fishing, on the first of November – not years down the line  if we agree some further deal – we get rid of tariffs.” 

The pub chain boss said his pubs were serving up products from the UK instead of Europe, vowing: “Everything you buy from the EU, you can buy from the rest of the world”. 

He added: “Instead of buying French brandy and champagne and German beer we import nice sparkling wine from the UK and from Australia. 

“Everything you buy from the EU you can buy from the rest of the world. There is nothing to be scared of.”

During the same rally, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage vowed for his movement to become the “biggest in Westminster”. 



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