We're all going on a lot more walks right now, so here are the best walking boots for women with serious style credentials

When I look back at my happiest moments of 2020 – of which there have (surprisingly) been many – there seems to be a common theme. Whether it was during the height of lockdown-take-one, in late-summer when restrictions had eased or during this strange lockdown 2.0, I’ve been doing exactly the same thing in each of the moments I’ve felt happiest. And that thing is walking.

While we’ve not been able to do the activities that usually bring us the most joy (wine nights in our friends’ living rooms/Nando’s with said friends/*all* the girly holidays), walking has remained constant as the one activity which we can always build into our days – and which never fails to boost our mood. Whatever the season. Whatever the weather. And it’s delightful.

I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love, learning that there’s nothing quite like a walk in the park or through the countryside (usually the former – I live in London) to blow away the cobwebs and press reset. It’s time away from your phone, to breathe in fresh air and appreciate all of the small wonders that exist around us every day. It’s easy to forget how beautiful our surroundings are when we’re sat at home with only our thoughts for company.

There’s reason behind the positive effect walking has on my mind. “Research has found that there are significant psychological benefits in being around nature,” says Dr. Becky Spelman, counselling psychologist at The Private Therapy Clinic told Lottie Winter earlier in the year. “It’s calming for people and helps them to be mindful and be present in the moment. The benefits should not be underestimated – it really does wonders for mental health.”

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So, as we hunker down for a winter of isolation, getting out for a daily walk reigns supreme as the unrivalled mood-boosting activity. But we’ve got to be comfortable while we’re out and about, right? To help me go that little bit further – and banish those pesky blisters for good – I’ve been on the hunt for the best walking boots for women. Buying a good pair of walking boots – whether you’re trekking up a mountain or simply strolling around the park – is never a waste of money.

When you’re shopping for the best walking boots, there are a few things to consider. First, the fabric. Walking boots largely come in either leather or softer fabric. Leather will be warmer and is naturally waterproof, but it does tend to be stiffer so leather walking boots will take a bit more effort to break in. Fabric walking boots are lighter and more comfortable more quickly, but they can be less warm. You should also consider ensuring your walking boots are waterproof – not just water resistant – if you’re going to be doing lots of bad weather walking, and check they have good grip and breathability.

If you think these properties can’t be synonymous with style and aesthetic appeal, you’re sorely mistaken. We’ve found 13 pairs of genuinely stylish walking boots for women that satisfy those sartorial cravings for Instagram-worthy footwear while also keeping you comfy AF. You’re welcome.

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Here are the best walking boots and hiking boots for women to invest in this winter.


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