Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Most anticipated video games

The pipeline games at the top of my list include:

Zelda: Link’s Awakening – a 2D Zelda game that we already know is outstanding in terms of beauty, personality, and story. My reservations are to do with value for money and length. You can probably complete 100% of the original in less than 15 hours (even less if you’re familiar with the original) so to ask for £45-50 for the remake will seem unreasonable if it’s a screen-for-screen remake.

On top of that, I’ve seen a few videos that suggest the gameplay may have dated slightly since the early 90s, especially in comparison to recent 2D Zeldas like A Link Between Worlds and I feel like that might hurt it a bit. Some of the dungeon rooms look mega basic nowadays, for example, and I feel like Zelda has moved beyond that.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – I never played the first two for some reason but hopefully this will be the best one and I’ll feel less regret about that. It looks like it’s (literally) oozing personality.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – like everyone else, I wasn’t bothered by the reveal and the trailers but the additional details we’ve learned since makes it sound fantastic on paper at least. A single-player hybrid of Dark Souls and Metroid in the Star Wars universe by the makers of Titanfall 2 sounds irresistible. I hope it lives up to that concept.

Elden Ring – a big Souls type game by From Software that introduces open world elements but hopefully doesn’t scarification any of the depth characteristic of the series sounds amazing. Particularly since Sekiro is still my front runner for best game of 2019.

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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 – if this took, say, five of the biggest complaints about its predecessor (all of which I think were mainly down to design choice rather than competence or technical limitations) and completely addressed them, this game will be unsurpassable. I think there’s an outside chance it’ll be out in late 2020 so here’s hoping for next E3…

Metroid Prime 4 – my concern is Nintendo will be so keen to finally get it out (in, say, 2022) that it’ll just be more of the same old Prime. Or that Retro has lost all its talent for ambitious games like this.

But I’ve always been pleased we even just know this game is on the cards because it sort of represented Nintendo realising they need to make us aware of ambitious stuff on the distant horizon as well as imminent releases. For a publisher that often needs to support its platforms with big tentpole games almost single-handedly, that’s pretty important but it’s not always demonstrated.



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