Watch Jeremy Corbyn read mean tweets about himself in parody general election video

Jeremy Corbyn has posted a video of himself reading out mean tweets he has received from the general public. 

Inspired by a segment made popular in Jimmy Kimmel’s US late-night chat show, the Labour leader reads critical posts before responding to them. 

He was not the only politician to release a pop culture-inspired campaign video in the final days before the General Election, with rival Boris Johnson unveiling a parody of the film Love Actually encouraging undecided voters to back the Conservatives.

In Mr Corbyn’s spoof video, the Labour leader sits by a fireplace and reads out critical tweets about him and his campaign.

The labour leader replied to a series of insulting tweets (@jeremycorbyn)

In response to a social media user posting “Every household doesn’t need the fastest broadband you absolute moby,” the Labour leader jokingly replies “what’s a moby?” before the video theatrically cuts out due to “buffering issues”. 

A message then comes up on the screen stating that there will be no more internet cut outs with “Labour’s fast free broadband”. 

The video makes light of insults levelled at Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn)

After diverting a tweet about his sex appeal, Mr Corbyn turns his attention to education. 

A Twitter user says: “University education free to anyone? I’m almost tempted, but on reflection who will pay for this? Jeremy Corbyn still thinks there’s a magic money tree!”

Mr Corbyn replies: “Yeah there is – in the Cayman Islands.”

The mean tweets video was inspired by a segment on Jimmy Kimmel’s US late-night chat show (@jeremycorbyn)

The video ends with a tweet asking who is Jeremy Corbyn. 

The labour leader replies “the next prime minister” before high-fiving someone off-screen”.

In Mr Johnson’s video, the Conservative leader emulates a scene from Love Actually as he approaches an apathetic voter with a series of placards on her doorstep.

Boris Johnson replicated a scene from Love Actually in a campaign video for the Conservative Party (PA)

Referencing a famous moment from the 2003 Christmas-themed romantic drama, the “Vote Conservative Actually” video shows him silently showing a woman a series of Brexit-themed messages after pretending to be a group of carol singers.

The three-minute video, which recreats a scene originally featuring Andrew Lincoln and Keira Knightley, two of the placards read: “With any luck, by next year we’ll have Brexit done (if Parliament doesn’t block it again).”


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