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At What Car? we know that good driving makes our roads safer, greener and more enjoyable. That’s why we’ve partnered with Vitality Car Insurance – a new provider that is taking a smart, high-tech approach to actively reward your good driving.

We’re looking for drivers, like you, who want to give Vitality Car Insurance the ultimate road test – getting feedback on your driving, learning how you can improve, and ultimately finding out (and proving!) how good a driver you are. You’ll also get the chance to share your impressions of how Vitality Car Insurance works – and the benefits it delivers – with the rest of our What Car? readers.

You might be a young couple or growing family, keen to cut car expenses by driving more efficiently and safely. You could be a larger family: with mum, dad, learner drivers and grandparents sharing the same cars, eager to find out who drives best. Or, you could be an older, more experienced driver looking to enjoy time on the road even more and find out how good you really are – after all, we can all improve our driving, no matter how experienced we are.


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