Wallet App Review: Your Personalized Budgeting Assistant

Budgeting isn’t easy, it’s hard work. 

That’s why I’ve avoided a lot of budgeting apps that claim to help me better organize my money. For a couple of days or weeks, they’re great, but the interface quickly becomes confusing, unclear, or completely unproductive

Often, I spend more time thinking about how to use the app rather than how to make the most of my budget. Which isn’t the point at all! 

That’s why I was so impressed when Wallet came into my life

My Personal Experience With Money

Even back when I was a student, I kept running into the same problems with finances: 

  • I never knew where my money was going 
  • I wasn’t aware of my full picture of wealth 
  • I couldn’t save up for trips or big purchases

Not only did I feel like I was unable to do what I wanted with my money, but that I couldn’t see far ahead enough to make smart decisions for the future. 

A Budgeting App Built For Me 

As I mentioned, I used to be terrible at budgeting. 

I was quick to pull out my credit card, but I had no idea where my money was going, what I ended up spending it on, or how much I needed to reach certain goals. 

It felt like my paycheques were disappearing right in front of me – it was like magic! 

That’s why the first thing I noticed was how clear the interface was to use. Starting a budget is intimidating, but this app made me feel empowered and in control

I wasn’t overloaded with information. Instead, I was greeted with a clean interface that made getting started super simple and actionable. I was ready! 

Using Wallet: Key Features & Usability 

Looks are nice and all, but it’s just as important for an app to work – or else, it’s just going to sit on my phone collecting digital dust! 

Here are some of the main things that I noticed about Wallet and what really made me fall in love with it… 

  • Automatic Syncing – My bank information was uploaded to Wallet in seconds, all there for me to see, to engage with, and to understand. 
  • Importing/Manual Updates – I had a couple of investment accounts that weren’t supported, but I was able to manually add them. 
  • Budgets – I was able to immediately build weekly, monthly, and yearly budgets to meet my goals – like my upcoming trip to Lisbon! 
  • Reports – The more I used Wallet, the more it learned about my finances. I received custom reports on my progress and where my money was moving. 
  • Sharing – I was able to share a selection of information with my spouse, so we can both keep track of our bills without worry. 
  • Loyalty/Rewards – My life involves collecting a whole bunch of rewards at grocery stores, gas stations, and more. Wallet even helped keep track of these! 

All of the earlier problems I had were solved. I could see where I was spending, and it was all there, and I felt motivated to save for life’s next big steps. 

If I had to choose one thing, though, was that I really appreciated the automatic syncing. Wallet offers syncing opportunities with over 3,500 institutions across the world. It made the process so much easier and was the push I needed to really get started. 

Getting Your Personal Finances In Order

The best part about Wallet was the sense of empowerment it gave me. 

I didn’t have to worry about my money and where it was going, and even if I spent a bit extra one month I could easily see where and why. 

It allowed me to:

  • Actively plan ahead
  • Mitigate risks
  • Stay on top of my finances

As the app collected more and more data, I was able to tailor what I saw to be more in line with my goals. It wasn’t just a mess of numbers and calculations that were impossible to understand, it all made perfect sense. 

For me, Wallet became about far more than building budgets, it’s about regaining confidence in your ability to manage money

At first, I didn’t think I knew how to build a budget or keep track of things – now I feel like my own personal accountant!

How To Start Using Wallet 

It’s way easier than you think! If you feel like Wallet might be the perfect fit for your finances, the steps are super simple. 

All you have to do is visit the App Store or Google Play Store today. 

The best part? You can use Wallet for free! While they do offer subscription packages, from the “Starter” to the “Master” plan, you can start to free to see if Wallet lines up with your goals and where you want to take your finances. 

Go ahead and give it a shot. Maybe you too will feel on top of your finances for the first time in a long time! 

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