VPN: Twitter Nigeria ban announcement by FG make Nigerians dey ask wetin go hapun next – See wetin to know

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Nigeria goment announce Twitter suspension for di kontri days afta di social media company delete di kontri president tweet say e violate dia rules.

Di suspension na sake of “di persistent use of di platform for activities wey dey capable of undermining Nigeria corporate existence”, according to di statement dem release on Friday.

Information Minister, Lai Mohammed bin criticise di US social media giant decision to remove President Muhammadu Buhari tweet as e call am “double standards”.

Di site – wey still dey available to users in Nigeria afta Friday announcement – remove one tweet sent by Nigeria 78-year-old president on 1 June.

Di tweet refer to di 1967-70 Nigerian Civil War and to treating “those wey dey misbehave today” in “di language dem go understand”.

One Twitter tok-tok pesin say di post “dey violate Twitter Rules. Di account owner go need delete di violative Tweet and spend 12 hours wit dia account in read-only mode”. Di statement no give further details.

For di presidency press release, dem no give details on how di Nigeria ban go work.

Di statement also reveal say dem don tell di national broadcasting regulator, NBC, to start “di process of licensing all OTT [internet streaming services] and social media operations for Nigeria”.

Wetin go happun to your Twitter account?

BBC Pidgin bin follow ICT expert, Akinseyin Kehinde tok, e explain how government fit block Nigerians from accessing Twitter.

He say di only way dem fit achieve am, na to give di Internet Service Providers wey dey Nigeria di order to blacklist any IP address coming from Nigeria to visit Twitter.

Dis one mean say, network providers like MTN, Glo, Etisalat and di rest no go allow users from Nigeria access di twitter page from dia browser.

“Dat na di only way I know wey goment fit do because dem no go fit shut down di satellite wey dey provide internet services to Nigeria sake of oda major operations wey dey happun on am,

Dem go only fit blacklist all Nigerian IP address wey wan visit Twitter.” E tok.

Wen we ask if e get oda means Twitter users for Nigeria fit access Twitter, e say Yes.

“Di only way around na to get a VPN.”

Wia dis foto come from, SEYLLOU

Wetin be VPN?

VPN mean virtual private network wey go create private network for internet users from a public internet connection.

According to Akinseli Kehinde Kayode, dis VPN go give you Twitter access from oda kontris.

Dis one mean say, di representation of Nigerian users on Twitter go dey reduced.

And to get a VPN , you go need VPN

Oga Kehinde mention privacy invasion as one of di ogbonge risk wey dey involved to purchase oda pipo VPN for internet use.

“VPN na like shared IP, no be only for one user.

A whole lot of pipo go dey use di same address to log on to Twitter and dis one mean say your privacy no dey guaranteed online.

You go dey expose your system to oda company, e tok.

He further explain say, If you install di VPN app, and your provider get hidden agenda, dem fit install a bug into your system to gather data, spy on you or take control of your oda online activities apart from di Twitter use.

“Some pipo no know, dem believe say dem dey use oda IP from oda location and dem dey protected, dis na lie.”

Oda kontries wey don ‘block’ Nigeria

Nigerian no be di only kontri wey don suspend Twitter for dia kontri.

China block Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for 2009. Di Twitter and Facebook ban happun afta one peaceful protest by Uighurs – China Muslim ethnic minority – break into deadly riots in Xinjiang.

In September 2013, di government decide to stop censoring foreign websites nationwide.

Turkey also suspend Twitter in 2014 afta di Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan vow to “wipe out Twitter” following damaging allegations of corruption for im inner circle.

Dem later lift di ban for 2015, afta di social media company comply wit a court order.

Kontris like Eritrea, North Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam, Iran also dey di list.


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