Voice of the Mirror: May's policy of slashing funds for councils is totally rubbish

By killing weekly bin collections , this Conservative Government proves it knows the price of everything and the value of absolutely nothing.

Slashing funds for councils is a needless austerity policy that is impacting badly on householders and tenants.

Blame rests first with David Cameron, then Theresa May, with £16billion wiped away since 2010 followed by an £8billion black hole up to 2025. It has left devastated local authorities ­struggling to provide even basic service.

Ministers hiding behind desks in London add insult to injury when they don’t have the guts to admit the damage they’ve caused.

Tory austerity was a political choice, a Conservative ideological obsession, never an economic necessity. Binning weekly refuse collections in many areas is infuriating as well as a potential health danger in this heat.

This Government really is rubbish.


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