Visit Wales and enjoy a wealth of epic shores

Sometimes, the greatest wonders can be found not beyond a hazy, distant horizon or at the end of a long, wearying flight, but shining upon our own doorsteps…

Wales, certainly, is proof of this. Here is one of the most picturesque parts of the British landmass; a travel destination that can whisk you away from the everyday into a rewarding escape, far removed from routine. And yet it stands well within reach — less than a three-hour drive from London by motorway; even closer for those who go by train.

Those who make the journey west know a little of what they are getting. Wales has long been loved by UK holidaymakers for its lovely beaches, magnificent castles and rare beauty. But it also offers more than you might expect. It is hugely warm in its welcome, yet contains places that feel dramatically wild and remote. It specialises in getaways that let you switch off and relax, but also provides high mountains and plunging cliffs where you can revel in adventure and adrenaline.

It has tranquil corners for holidays that focus on peace and quiet, and yet echoes to the sound of festivals and music events throughout the summer. It can be the location for gentle family breaks, but also offers enough urban thrills and bright backdrops to keep the coolest couples and most prolific Instagrammers more than happy.

Try out kayaking off the Welsh coast (© Crown copyright (2015) Visit Wales. All rights reserved)

Better still, 2018 is the Year of the Sea in Wales — a nationwide extravaganza paying tribute to the country’s relationship with the waters that lap at its edges. Visitors can easily join in the fun — whether they hike a portion of the 870-mile Wales Coast Path, which runs the full length of the shoreline, try an energetic activity such as scuba-diving, kite-surfing, kayaking or sailing, or simply spend an afternoon on one of the country’s 230 beaches.

Of course, however you decide to enjoy your time away, whether for a week, a weekend or even a day trip, Wales is ready and waiting to be a scintillating summer companion.

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