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Plans have been unveiled setting out how the Welsh Government will be investing in infrastructure and working with the private sector to give people in Wales the confidence to make the switch to electric vehicles.

With more than 1,000 public charging points across Wales to date, the plans set out an approach to ensure that the number of charging points continue to grow to meet increasing demand as fossil fuel vehicles are phased out.

The EV Charging Action Plan also sets out how the Welsh Government will be working with the private sector, with the aim of delivering a charging point facility for every 20 miles of the strategic trunk network across Wales by 2025, providing further reassurance to electric vehicle drivers. 

The plan includes a focus on improved charging infrastructure, optimisation of energy provision and enhanced rapid charging availability; quality levels; and localised benefits such as increasing public awareness and encouraging investment opportunities and innovation.

With transport generating about 17 per cent of all carbon emissions in Wales, improving electric vehicle infrastructure is just one step that the Welsh Government is taking to reduce the impact transport is having on both the environment and health.

Deputy minister for climate change, with a responsibility for transport, Lee Waters, said: “We need to do more in the next ten years than we’ve done in the last thirty if we’re to reach our NetZero target by 2050.

“Changing the car dependency culture that has been created in the past and encouraging more people to use public transport will be key, but for those essential car journeys, making the switch to an electric vehicle is another way we can make a difference.”

He added: “The plan I’ve published today sets out the action we will be taking to deliver high quality electric vehicle infrastructure across Wales. Working with the private sector we have ambitious plans in place to increase the number of charging points across the country, so drivers feel confident to make the switch as demand for electric vehicles increases.”


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