Vigil keeps viewers gripped right until the end as many admit they'll be having nightmares for weeks

Vigil’s last instalment kept viewers gripped after a rollercoaster ride right until the very last minutes – as many admitted they’d be having nightmares for weeks on end.

The submarine thriller reached its grand finale after weeks of non stop twists and turns , some of which left viewers a tiny bit baffled.

More than six million viewers gasped as DCI Amy Silva, played by Suranne Jones, woke up trapped in a flooding torpedo tube in the BBC1 thriller which saw Martin Compston’s character being killed off in episode one.

After the Russian spy on board the nuclear submarine was finally revealed as the villain Doward, Suranne Jones was accidentally saved by Prentice, and as the final moments of the drama came into sight, many admitted they hadn’t unclenched their buttocks for a full forty minutes.

One viewer said: “Bloody hell im on the verge of a heart attack #vigil

Another added: “This is intense AF #Vigil.”

Some others volunteered: “Who else is hiding behind a cushion watching #Vigil tonight? X” ” #vigil really setting off those Sunday night scaries.”

One person suggested: ‘I feel like I need 3 episodes of All Creatures Great & Small to balance out this last Vigil .”

And another added: “I don’t care how unrealistic, stupid, impossible or whatever other comments people say, it’s bloody exciting & a great watch. #Vigil

Someone else said: “Thank you #vigil in advance for the endless nightmares I’ll now be receiving, dreaming of being chased by a man man wearing a gimp mask.”

Obviously the slasher sequence that kept us quite literally on a knife edge and the final landbased love story between Suranne’s character Amy, and Rose Leslie’s character DS Longacre gave viewers plenty to think about.

Some compared villain Doward to the T-1000 whilst others reckoned they needed Ted Hastings to interrogate him.

Matthew Doward, or should we say the terminator, played by Lorne MacFadyen

Not all were happy with the softer ending whilst others felt it was just perfect.

The programme’s creator Tom Edge said this week there was “another way to read the show” beyond it being just a standard murder mystery thriller.

He was keen to make Suranne Jones’ lead character Amy Silva confront certain things about her own life – all while trying to get to the bottom of a suspicious death aboard a naval submarine.

He recently told a BAFTA Q and A: “I think there are a few different ways that you can enjoy the show; which is about Amy’s journey as she goes from being a land-dwelling person, whose life is quite compartmentalised into work and her relationship with the child in her life, and her emotional life over there.”

The question now that viewers are asking is what they can watch next…


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