Vegan mum hits back at trolls who criticised her daughter's plant-based diet

TikTok star Tasj Rose has created a video with a message specifically for cruel trolls who threatened to report her to child services over her daughter’s plant-based diet

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Vegan TikToker responds to comments about her baby’s diet

A vegan mum has hit back at trolls after they threatened to report her to child services over her daughter’s plant-based diet – saying her little one is perfectly happy and healthy.

TikTok star Tasj Rose, @tasjrose, was criticised online after she announced she would be raising her baby as a vegan, as some said her choice could amount to child abuse.

One user said they would report her for her actions, as she was forcing her lifestyle onto the child who had no say in the matter.

But Tasj disagreed, saying that her child’s wellbeing was her top priority and that any visiting official would see that, as well as the fact that her child was healthy.

Tasj has created the video to hit back at trolls after they slated her parenting online


The young mum insisted that her child was happy and healthy


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Tasj faced backlash online after sharing her child’s diet, as some people didn’t agree with her and said she should reconsider what she feeds her baby.

One said: “If that baby ever develops any health issues because of that, you’re guilty of child abuse – you’re incriminating yourself.”

And a second said: “I don’t agree with this. Just because you’re vegan you don’t have to force your baby to be vegan too.”

Some didn’t agree with her parenting choices


In the response video, Tasj responded to the commenter who said that child services should be called by adding the text: “So they can say what? That she’s happy and healthy?”

Soon, other TikTok users were flocking to the post to stick up for the young mum.

One said: “As long as she’s getting everything she needs there’s literally nothing wrong with this.”

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And then a second user added: “They wouldn’t be saying that if the tables were turned though and it was a family giving a child a non-vegan diet.”

Then a third wrote: “A plant-based diet has been proven to be more beneficial, I’m a meat eater but my baby doesn’t eat meat. She has everything I do but without meat.”

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