Vegan diet can boost sex lives by making men last four times longer in bed, Netflix doc claims

A VEGAN diet can boost love lives by making men last four times longer in bed, research reveals.

Researchers investigating the effects of a plant based diet on virility claim men’s performance in bed is improved if they ditch meat and stick to veg, a new documentary sensationally claims.

 An experiment by researchers found a vegan diet made men's erections firmer and last longer


An experiment by researchers found a vegan diet made men’s erections firmer and last longerCredit: Getty – Contributor

The documentary Game Changer’s on Netflix featured various sporting stars, including Formula One’s Lewis Hamilton, plus the mostly vegan actor Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking about living healthily with a plant-based diet.

The coverage showed the change plant-based diets had on the quality of athlete’s blood and the endurance they had on the field or in the gym.

Three athletes were fed a meat burrito the first night, and a veggie one the second – and went to bed wearing a pair of rings on their penis to track their erections overnight.

The experiment – overseen by Dr Aaron Spitz, lead delegate of the American Urological Association – found that after the plant based burritos the men experienced erections lasting up to 477 per cent longer than after the meat ones. And the firmness had increased by up to 13.5 per cent.

Spitz emphasised this wasn’t a scientifically validated study, but added: “I think it’s going to wake a lot of people up.”

James Wilkes, 41, a former mixed martial arts fighter who produced and presented the documentary noted that Roman gladiators had been vegetarian, but added: “It goes in the face of the usual thoughts about vegans and vegetarians.

“You think about the skinny, long haired, hippie tree-hugging type.

“Not that there is anything wrong with that but it is not what a lot of people, especially young men, aspire to.”

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