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Vandals break into ancient cave and destroy 2,000,000-year-old stalactites

Vandals have destroyed ancient mineral formations in an Australian cave (NSW Police)

Mindless vandals destroyed stalactites that have formed over two million years in an ancient cave in Australia.

Police in New South Wales are currently appealing for information that may help identify who caused the damage.

The Jillabenan Cave at Kosciuszko National Park extends 150 metres underground and is a popular tourist destination.

However, intruders gained access and caused devastating irreparable damage to the natural formations.

Authorities found that stalactites and speleothems – mineral formations that hang from cave ceilings – had been cut in half over a six-day period.

Using heavy-duty tools, the criminals cut the millions of years old formations down. In some cases, they were split right down the middle.

The caves are located within Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales (NSW Police)

Police found the padlock securing the cave had been removed and the power distribution board had also been damaged. 

One particularly disturbing image shows a huge formation standing taller than an average adult cut completely in half.

A padlock securing the doorway into the cave was removed, and heavy tools were used to damage the natural formations (NSW Police)

Others show stalactites cut off onto the ground and lying in a heap.

Police are urging for the members of the public to come forward and contact Tumut Police or Crime Stoppers if they have any information.

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