Valve's 2007 shooter Team Fortress 2 just broke its all-time Steam concurrent players count

Valve’s 2007 shooter Team Fortress 2 just broke its all-time concurrent players count.

According to Steam’s official stats, the multiplayer FPS hit a peak of 151,253 concurrent players on Steam on Friday night.

The previous high was 147,360 concurrent players in December. At the time of this article’s publication, Team Fortress 2 had 141,741 concurrent players on Steam.

Why is Team Fortress 2 doing so well right now? This week the game received an update that added a new summer 2021 cosmetic case, which includes 18 community-contributed items and six community-made Unusual effects. Meanwhile, the Snakewater map has been tweaked to improve movement and prevent clipping – seemingly at the expense of its kitchen. As Emma reported, the update should also make bot behaviour slightly less annoying.

Team Fortress 2 isn’t up there with Valve’s biggest hitters, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, but its endurance over the near 15 years since it first launched has been remarkable.


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