Valve quietly readying Half-Life 2 for Steam Deck with big new beta branch update

Also adds ultra-wide support, FOV boost, and more.

Yesterday, Valve unveiled a new compatibility ratings system for Steam Deck, intended to give users a clear indication of how well specific Steam games will run on the upcoming portable gaming PC. And now, a new beta update for Half-Life 2 has been discovered, seemingly released to ensure the seminal FPS meets the requirements needed to earn Steam Deck’s top-tier Verified compatibility badge.

Half-Life 2’s new beta branch update, as detailed by Valve watcher Tyler McVicker, reportedly covers a surprising amount of ground, not only making adjustments to the way the UI and resolution are handled in-game – primarily to ensure the FPS classic fits Steam Deck’s aspect ratio and remains legible at its relatively diminutive size – but addressing some long-standing bugs as well.

Details on the latter are limited, but Vickers does highlight a few of the beta update’s new UI and resolution scaling features. Perhaps most pertinent to Steam Deck, Half-Life 2’s HUD is now unlocked, and can scale “perfectly” to whatever aspect ratio it’s being played about. Additionally, there’s ultra-wide support, plus an FOV increase up to 110.

Steam Deck: Introducing Deck Verified.

Lastly, Vickers notes that Valve has added support for the Vulkan rendering API, helping Half-Life 2 play nicely with Steam Deck’s Linux-based SteamOS operating system. And given that Portal 2 also received Vulkan support earlier this year, it seems reasonable to assume Valve is aiming get as much of its back catalogue as possible stamped with a Steam Deck Verified badge ahead of the machine’s December launch.

You can read more about Steam Deck’s newly announced compatibility rating system – which will see the entire Steam catalogue rated of either Verified, Playable, Unsupported, or Unknown – elsewhere on the site.


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