US election – all you need to know as Trump's chances of winning fall

Donald Trump’s chances of winning have plummeted after strong numbers overnight prompted him to falsely claim victory.

Analysts from UK based The Smarkets Exchange have downgraded the likelihood of a Trump victory to 21%, while New Zealand-based predictions market PredictIt had Biden at nearly 80%.

The President baselessly claimed that the Democrats are trying to “steal” the election – and alleged he could lose because of “major fraud”.

In a rant at the White House, he claimed he would go to the Supreme Court, claiming that a group of “sad” opponents were trying to “disenfranchise” his supporters.

Joe Biden’s campaign has branded the claim “outrageous” and a “naked effort” to snatch democracy.

Trump claimed to have been on course for a “big win” as he threw accusations at the counting process.

Biden received a big boost after winning Arizona – the first “flip” state which saw the 2016 result reversed.

The counting of votes could take days and a contentious decision could well end up being thrown to the courts.

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