Up and Vanished First Look: See Which True Crime Cases Will Be Covered in Season 2

Documentarian and podcaster Payne Lindsey‘s investigative work is returning to Oxygen.

Payne’s Tenderfoot TV true crime podcast and its subsequent TV special, Up and Vanished, will return to the network for a brand new full season starting Saturday, Feb. 15 at 7 p.m. and E! News has the exclusive first-look promo. Per the clip above, the new episodes will continue to explore unsolved missing persons cases similar to the disappearance of Georgia woman Tara Grinstead, which the show investigated in 2018.

“She was on her way to work, then disappears off the face of the earth,” says a male voice at the new promo’s start, while a string of young women’s faces flash across the screen. The video goes on to tease a witness interview, lie detector test and shocking confrontation with one of the case’s suspects.

During Up and Vanished‘s upcoming two-hour premiere episode, Payne and his team examine the case of Jodi Huisentruit, a news anchor from rural Iowa who disappeared before delivering her morning newscast. That was 24 years ago, and Jodi’s loved ones have been looking for her ever since. The team will explore several cases like hers over the course of the season, including that of Korrina Malinoski and her daughter Annette, who went missing from their home in South Carolina 30 years ago. 

In addition to mystery disappearances dating back decades, Up and Vanished will dive into more recent cases. One of them involves 29-year-old Kristal Reisinger, who hasn’t been seen since 2016, after having moved to an isolated Colorado town in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. The other, a 2019 case, concerns 17-year-old Molly Miller and 21-year-old Colt Haynes, who disappeared in Oklahoma after a high-speed car chase.

Check out the exclusive promo above! Up and Vanished returns to Oxygen for a two-hour season premiere Saturday, Feb. 15, at 7 p.m.

(E! and Oxygen are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

And for more updates on Kristal Reisinger’s case and other major true crime cases, scroll through the gallery below.

Kristal Anne Reisinger


Curtis Flowers

AP Photo/Winona Times, Dale Gerstenslager

Tara Grinstead


Making a Murderer, Steven Avery


Brendan Dassey

Herald Times Reporter/Eric Young via AP, Poo

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Adnan Syed, True Crime

Karl Merton Ferron/TNS via ZUMA Wire

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, Joey King

Greene County Sheriff’s Office; Instagram

The Keepers




Teacher's Pet

The Australian

Jacob Wetterling

Gerald R. Brimacombe/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

Have questions? See if Lindsey and his team can help answer them starting Saturday, Feb. 15. 



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