Universities are playing their part in the fight for the climate | Editorial

Nicholas Maxwell says that universities are doing little of practical use to solve the climate crisis (Only a culture change can end this state of climate inaction, 9 January). He and I are at the same university, but I don’t recognise his characterisation. Over at the UCL Energy Institute, we all work every day on practical applied solutions. We work for the British and foreign governments, the International Energy Agency, energy companies, local authorities, NGOs and citizen groups. We work to cut emissions from buildings, road travel, air travel and shipping. We try to write papers too – which can sometimes have big impacts on policy – but, as Maxwell says, at this juncture these have to take second place. (And we are by no means the only university group, in Britain or internationally, doing these kinds of things.) Perhaps Maxwell would like to come over and join us?
Philip Steadman
UCL Energy Institute

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