United Nations steps in to help North West province

Tebogo Job Mokgoro North West
North West premiere Tebogo Job Mokgoro

The North West province is still reeling from the effects of mass protest and mismanagement, perpetuated by the tenure of the former premier, Supra Mahumapelo. In an attempt to recover, the province has now reached for the helping hand of the United Nations (UN).

New North West Premier, Professor Job Mokgoro, is set to embrace the UN technical team on Monday. The presence of the intergovernmental organization comes following a tumultuous period for the province.

According to News24, Mokgoro approached UN coordinator, Nardos Bekele-Thomas, in an attempt to acquire UN assistance for the beleaguered province. Earlier this year the province was put under governmental administration in an attempt to ‘recover and stabilise the situation’.

The UN technical team has answered the call and will be assessing the gamut of socio-political issues facing towns across the province. Many North West cities remain stifled by the maladministration of former premier Mahumapelo.

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Vuyisile Ngesi, Mokgoro’s spokesperson, has indicated that the UN’s role in investigating and identifying causes which led to the provincial collapse will extend into the premier’s office.

North West gets a helping hand from the United Nations

Intervention exercises have been discussed by both UN and North West administrative officials, with the main focus of their involvement aimed at creating provincial stability.

Ngesi has indicated that the UN’s participatory objectives extend to health services, social services, agriculture, and youth empowerment initiatives.

The spokesperson adds that the UN will be active in the fight against corruption and nepotism, which involves planning, monitoring and evaluation within all local government structures.

Ngesi is positive that outcomes achieved by involving the UN will serve to revitalise the North West province, saying:

“The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has therefore committed expertise from all UN agencies in South Africa to participate in the process of ensuring that the Section 100 (1) interventions lead to a sound and sustainable provincial administration, before the end of the 5th administration’s term next year. Both the North West government and the UNDP have agreed on a Marshall Plan approach towards the recovery of the provincial administration as informed by the national intervention.”

Commenting on the UN coordinator’s expertise and access to international resources, Ngesi said:

“Ms Bekele-Thomas further committed the UN agencies to ensuring that all the necessary resources and expertise are directed key areas that need to be unlocked to put the North West on the road to recovery, to ensure that socio-economic and developmental challenges the province face are dealt with head on.”


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